What are the Benefits of Various Lens Color in Sunglasses

Your fashion journey starts with the right color lens

Why do sunglasses have different color? 

A variety of option is a very helpful for us to decide whether, what to choose and what to wear! Do you know that in every sunglasses color there is specific benefits for your eyes? Aside that wearing sunglasses would protect our eyes from UV and bright sunlight, do you know that selecting different sunglasses lens colors is an exciting try out to see which color does perfectly serves you. Like if you are driving or going on a fishing, Gray lens color is the good pick for you, it reduces glare, especially when you are outside. If you like to play golf, green lens is the perfect match for you. Sounds fun right? I didn't know before that until now that in every lens color it has different reason why you should wear them. 

What are the benefits of various lens color for sunglasses?

Each colored lens provides different benefits. Aside that it gives protection, what are the benefits of various lens color for sunglasses?

Let's start with Blue or Purple tinted sunglasses. These type of lens color will help your vision to enhance color perception. Like if you go in hiking, blue tint sunglasses can help you see if its foggy in the mountain. If you are worried to much on how you can protect your eyes from blue lights, you should wear Red or Rose colored sunglasses because it helps block the blue lights and It will help you enhance the detail of your vision. Now in pandemic times if you want to wear sunglasses during indoor sport activities, yellow, orange or gold lenses is the best choice for you. These lens color will help you see the surrounding much clearer and block out blue light. To comfort your eyes in a sunny condition like you are in a baseball game, Amber or Brown sunglasses lens is the very best option for you to be safe and protect your eyes from bright sunlight.

How I can decide what is the best color to choose for my sunglasses?

Always think that you are the number one boss to decide which and what color looks perfect to you. As your fashion journey starts now by knowing the benefits of different lens color may help you decide now what to wear and wear it where. My advice to you is to be with yourself, as much as your eyes are comfortable and safe from UV or blue lights you can always wear what color lens you like that makes you feel cool even if you are under the sun. Cheers! 

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