Europe Fashion Automatic Watch Double Tourbillon Skeleton Watch

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A beautifully engineered timepiece, this Europe Fashion Automatic Watch Double Tourbillon Skeleton Watch has arrived as a social status marker!



  • AMAZINGLY COMPLICATED -  The core technology of this watch is the multi axis tourbillon movement which is available only on luxury watches is a complete show in our eyes. Complicated yet amazing.

  • NO NEED FOR BATTERIES - This impressive timepiece features a mechanical movement that works to keep time based on the motions of the wrist or arm. No need for batteries nor do you have to worry about leaking battery acid.

  • LUXURIOUS FEATURES - With a multi-axis tourbillon that is only present on luxury watches.

  • WATER AND SHOCK RESISTANT - The highly polished watch is shock and water resistant so you can wear it anytime for your active lifestyle. You can also partake in light swimming activities, but don’t expect to go diving with this watch as it is not designed to keep out water past 5 ATM of pressure.

  • DURABLE - Features a pure imported 316L stainless steel case in a 24cm band.

  • WORTH YOUR EVERY PENNY - With Sapphire Crystal on Dial Window, this wristwatch is worth your every penny. Sapphire is the second strongest element on the Mohs’ Scale and it will definitely keep the face of your watch looking unblemished and gives it less of a chance of shattering. It will look new all the time.

  • IDEAL GIFT: Comes on a gift box ready as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present for boyfriend, father, business partner, friend, brother, colleagues, and family.


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