I, Minwoo Park, CEO of Technigadgets, and the rest of the team are here to make your style awesome. Whether you be out at a party, in the office, or just hanging out with friends, my goal is that when people see you, they go, “That is one devilishly stylish man”. 

From product development to customer service, we’re here to find the one unique style just for you and will do our best for your ultimate satisfaction. Consider us your personal style coach ;) 

Now, I know we can’t shake your hand in person, but I’d love to take a minute to introduce you to the rest of the team. 


Brand Manager: 

Doug Shin is our go-to guy when it comes to finding amazing fashion accessories that you’ll love, and is responsible for our marketing and advertising. With a passion for watches himself, he knows what styles are going to make you stand out amongst a crowd.


Mars Redito takes care of most of the content you see with our brand as well as providing solutions to issues that arise. If there are ever words that need crafting or a technical situation that needs handling, this is who we call. 

Order Fulfillment Supply Chain Manager: 

Jogie Ann Fernandez is the rockstar responsible for all the orders that get shipped to and from Technigadgets. She works diligently to make sure you get the most of our store and always get your product delivered on time and in top quality condition. 

Customer Service Representative: 

Thanks to Eloiza Adriano, we’re always able to deliver on our promise of you having an outstanding customer experience. If there is ever a complaint, she handles it with the utmost sincerity to make sure that our customers are earned, not bought.  


If it weren’t for this incredible team and their commitment to taking your style to the next level, Technigadgets wouldn’t be one of the top fashion brands that it is today. 

Remember, when it comes to your fashion journey, we got your back. 



At Technigadgets, you’re a part of a community that’s committed to bringing you the best of the best when it comes to fashion accessories. 

For us, customers are earned not bought. Which is why our team works tirelessly to make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed, including things like: 

  • Amazing items that will not break your wallet
  • Unique styles that you will not find on Amazon
  • 100% money-back guarantee(within 30 days after the delivery, if the customer does not like the item, we will refund without any questions are asked)

There’s nothing that motivates us more than to hear about your awesome experiences with our business. 

So if there is anything that ever left you with a poor experience, please reach out and let us know so we can correct that. 

The fashion world can be a perilous one sometimes… but we’ve got your back. 

So keep an eye on your inbox for fashion tips in elevating your style, and updates on new items in our store. 

We’re constantly upgrading our selection with more high quality and highly fashionable items at ridiculously competitive prices so that you can get the most out of your style journey. 

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