We Decided To Decrease All Of Our Product Prices By Up to 60%. Here’s Why.

You've been with us every step of the way, and we want to be transparent as much as we can. We are now lowering the prices of most of our products to give more value for the price you paid. You can expect up to a 60% decrease in the original price of your favorite shades.

This was a tough decision to make. As you might know, because of high inflation, every single brand and store increased their prices and it was big pressure on us. About half of our members left our company because of this hardship. In the middle of this, you might want to say why did we make this decision? 

But First - The Why

Our brand started with a mission to provide as high quality as possible at the most reasonable prices to customers. We believed that high-quality men’s fashion items shouldn’t break your wallet. While everyone is increasing their product prices these days, we decided to go the other way. 

We decided to minimize advertising costs as much as we could to reduce the product prices. It can vary but around 40-50% of product prices that you paid are used for advertising costs. We thought that it was not fair. We might lose more than half of our total sales instantly by reducing advertising costs but fixing this madness and giving customers the right value is much more important to us. In the long term, we believe that giving as much as possible to our customers can guarantee sustainable growth. We believe in you - our customers. 

Not only that, we reviewed every cost structure of our company and minimized costs as much as possible. By doing that, we will invest more in our product quality. The original cost of the sunglasses itself will be not that much different from a few hundred dollars one. We can guarantee that you will never be able to find similar quality sunglasses for the prices that you will pay for our new arrivals. 

It is one step back to move two steps forward. We will overcome this together and give as much value as possible to you. As we always did.

By the way, check out our collections with price changes 👉See them here.

Best regards,
Minwoo Park
CEO of Technigadgets

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