Clip-on Sunglasses vs Flip-up Sunglasses: Which One Works For You?


In today’s eyewear designs, there are many variants that come out and are considered by the glasses wearers. It once began from simple eyeglasses designs which were used in the prescription and now, the pairs we see today incorporate styles that began to be convenient, especially to the people that seek to have good eyesight.

Ever seen an unusual design of eyewear? They call them clip-on glasses and flip-up glasses. Let’s talk about these two glasses designs in this blog.

Why Clip-on Sunglasses? 

Clip-on glasses or sunglasses are a type of sunglasses that attach to your regular spectacles. They shield your eyes from the sun's UV radiation. Clip-on glasses are less expensive than sunglasses and provide sun protection and comfort without requiring you to remove your regular glasses. Switching from regular sunglasses to a separate pair of sunglasses is difficult and wears both pairs of glasses out.

Clip-ons come with a tiny, lightweight travel case. This eliminates the need for two large cases to store two pairs of glasses.

You don't have to worry about clip-ons not fitting onto or matching your existing set of glasses because they come in a variety of tints, sizes, and forms. They also come in a variety of UV protection levels. Clip-on glasses are normally attached to the nose bridge using a clip, however other styles use a magnet.

Technigadgets Wilson Clip-on Sunglasses

Why Flip-up Sunglasses?

Flip-up sunglasses are fantastic additions for having sunglasses close at hand. This is an excellent alternative for someone who cannot live without their glasses and must keep them with them at all times. Flip-ups can easily be clipped over ordinary classes and flipped upwards while going inside. The flip-ups function as a hybrid of ordinary sunglasses and vision lenses.

The hinges of the flip-up glasses are mounted to the frames. It fits snugly into the frame of your glasses and instantly clears your vision. Indoors, it can be flipped up, and outdoors, it can be flipped in for better clarity. The procedure is straightforward, and you can readily handle them in a variety of conditions.

Flip-Up Sunglasses

Which One Best Works For You?

Physical Appearance

The appearance of clip-on sunglasses is more polished. When fitted to spectacles, the fitting mechanism is sleek and discreet, and the overall appearance is identical to wearing prescription sunglasses. Flip-up sunglasses, on the other hand, have a recognizable central bracket and hinge mechanism at the top of the frames.


Clip-on sunglasses are often preferred over flip-up sunglasses. Some people find that the clip attachments on the flip-up version obstruct their vision significantly. In addition, the distance between lenses on flip-ups is typically narrower than on clip-on types, so if your glasses have a wide nose bridge, the inner edge of the clip-on lenses may intrude on the nose rests of your glasses frames.

Technigadgets Wilson Clip-on Sunglasses worn by an influencer

Ease Of Fitting

If you can choose a lens shape and size that nearly matches the appearance and proportions of your glasses frames, you'll get the best results with clip-on sunglasses.

Even in high season, the variety of sizes and styles of clip-ons available on the high street is extremely restricted. Clip-on sunglasses, on the other hand, will not fit every glasses frame.

If you're having trouble locating a pair of clip-on sunglasses that fits your frames, consider a flip-up style, where the exact fit is less important.

When purchasing flip-up sunglasses, start by determining the best shape for your glasses lenses, and then compare the flip-ups' specifications to your frame.


For some situations, flip-up sunglasses have advantages in terms of versatility.

Some people like them for driving because you can quickly flip up the tinted lenses if the sun comes in or you drive into a shady area, and then flip them down when you need the glare filters. When fishing under varying light conditions, some fishermen prefer the same versatility.

Your eye needs, your preference!

When it comes to eyeglasses, everyone has different needs. There are numerous options available, whether for fashion or functional needs. So, before you choose your glasses, you need to think about a few things, be it for reading, watching TV, going outdoors, sports, or night driving.

Whatever your needs, it is worthwhile to evaluate the many possibilities. If you're still unsure, speak with an optician about these alternatives that suit your lifestyle, age, and [glasses’ physical appearance].

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