How Should a Man Dress in His 40s?


How Should a Man Dress in His 40's?

They say that life begins at 40. But what about your fashion style? Does your style have to change now that you are on your middle youth? Is there really a relationship between age and clothing? As your lifestyle and body began to change, the way you dress and style will also change, too. Here are some style guides on how should a man dress in his 40's so you will look sharp on your age.

Choose sneakers that are simple 

Sleek minimal sneakers can make your look more polished. When you just wanna run around town with your buddies, do some grocery or even on a formal gathering, you can never go wrong on white sneakers if it is styled well.

Avoid dad pants

Avoid dad pants

Dad jeans are typified by their high rise, loose/baggy cut, and light, almost stone washed appearance. Instead choose straight, dark denim jeans with minimal or slightly distressing style.

Your Grooming Matters

Good grooming reflects that you are “together” mentally and in control of your life. Don’t forget to style your beard, keep your nails clean and trim those extra nose or ear hair for a cleaner look.

No to tight-fitting clothes or oversized shirts

If you used to be overweight when you are younger but muscular now, those oversized shirt will now be removed with your closet and change to a well fitted clothes. The same way with tight fitting clothes. It can show the extra pound that you have and it is not what you want.

Upgrade your eyewear

Usually at this time, you are already wearing prescription glasses. To have options to be stylish, opt for clip on sunglasses. It allow you to protect your eyes from sun protection without removing your normal prescription glasses. It’s like having 2 styles in one eyewear.  Find one of the best and affordable clip-on sunglasses here.

Ageing is inevitable. As a rule, you don’t want people to think you’re trying to look younger. Instead, try to dress appropriately at your age. These are just tips but always remember that style is a personal choice and being confident is the best way to be stylish!

So If you were around in the 1980's, the above defining style moments are surely bringing back memories. After all, this era was the one of the most influential time in the fashion world.

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