Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Which one is much okay? 

The most important benefit of wearing sunglasses is that they protect your eyes. Since now we have a lot of many type of sunglasses now our days. We have a lot of option in selecting the style we like. Now, we will talk about the most popular type of sunglasses that are now really in demand in the market, the polarized and non-polarized sunglasses. Most of the customer ask "Which one is much okay?" 

What is Polarized Sunglasses

Dork in the Road with Felix Sunglasse

Before we try to understand how polarized sunglasses help, let us try to know what is polarized sunglasses first. All sunglasses are formulated to protect against UV rays and to minimize glare, but polarized lenses have been made with a special process to filter out this type of intense glare. Polarized sunglasses are also called as Sport Sunglasses and if you like outdoor activities this is the best sunglasses that would be perfect for you to wear for activity such as driving, skiing, cycling, golf, running and fishing. In summary polarized sunglasses are great for dealing with sun glare and reflections.

Scott ORourke with Felix Sunglasses

What is Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Non-polarized sunglasses are usual glasses, which let the light pass through without filtering it. It offer protection from light, but do not have the filter built in to cancel out bright surface glare. One advantage of wearing non-polarized it focuses in protecting your eyes from UV lights. Now, to take advantage of all this UV protection, you need wrap around sunglasses, goggles, or leather side shields to keep the UV from getting onto your eyes from around the sunglasses, and you need to wear them all the time you are outdoors on sunny days.



Non-Polarized vs Polarized Sunglasses

Are polarized sunglasses a better choice than non-polarised? Its really up to you to decide which much better. Sometimes it depends on your activity what you need. In Technigadgets collection we have a lot of good things to offer, everything is available here but which one is much okay with you? Non-polarized sunglasses or Polarized Sunglasses? I will leave that question to you but always remember that if you walk in the sunshine do not leave your sunglasses behind. 

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