Quartz Or Automatic Watch Movements; Which Watch Movement Will Work For You?

Quartz Or Automatic Watch Movements; Which Watch Movement Will Work For You?

   Hey! Thinking about getting a new watch? You go to a watch store, look around the watches displayed on every stand, and ask yourself, which of these watches can meet my demand? Or, you had visited a website that sells watches, you read the descriptions, and were confused what is the meaning under each description posted? 


   Yes, there are plenty of details you will notice as you are looking at every watches you want to get. But, one thing is for sure, you will see on the descriptions the words quartz movement or automatic/self-winding movement. Since people are just buying by convenience, you tend to ignore these so-called watch movements, or mostly, the watches you are looking at are not complicated-looking watches.

   Then, you have come to the right place. We will share with you some important information that can help you decide on which watch movement you had seen before that will work out for you. This blog will help you understand the meaning of the watch movements and in choosing a good watch that you can wear every single day.

One over the Another; Which one will work for you?

   An automatic movement derives energy from the motion of a wearer's wrist, a rotor in the caliber spins and winds the mainspring automatically every time the watch moves. It's for this reason that a self-winding movement is sometimes referred to as an automatic movement. The watch is then powered by the energy that has been gathered from the mainspring, which is then released through a barrel to the gear trains. It will continue to have power as long as someone wears it on a regular basis or keeps it in a watch winder.

   Whereas a quartz movement is powered by a battery that conducts electricity. The watch's hands move at a consistent rate as a result of this battery power, ensuring the watch's accuracy in keeping the time.

Choosing a Quartz Watch Movement? Here are the reasons:


   When it comes to keeping time, quartz watches are exceptionally reliable and accurate; while a good quartz watch may be off by 20 seconds each month, a decent automatic watch maybe off by several minutes per month.


   Automatic watches are more expensive than quartz watches. It's because the movements don't require as much effort to execute.


   You only need to change the battery every few years to keep your quartz watch in good working order. Watches with no battery need to be serviced every 3-5 years, even if they don't have a battery.

Choosing an Automatic Watch Movement? Here are the reasons:

   Brands that pride themselves on delivering accuracy are likewise quite exact in their movements.


   Although automatic watches are expensive,when properly cared for, they are an investment that will last a lifetime. As a result, it's well worth the money.


   Because these watches tend to last longer, self-winding watches only require a once-in-a-lifetime replacement of the mainspring. As a result, many people are considering the automatics to be valuable souvenirs and an excellent expense.

 The choice is still yours!

   Are you still wondering which one should you choose? If you want an economical, low-maintenance, useful, and accurate timepiece, a quartz watch is your option.

   Constantly keep in mind that if you don't wear an automatic watch for a few hours or days, it will stop working and you'll have to wind it manually to keep the accuracy of the time, which isn't good for the watch. If you don’t want to manually wind up the watch, you will be needing watch winding equipment and let the watch sit in there for a few hours when you are not wearing it, or while you are lying down in bed overnight, to keep the automatic watch self-winded and moving. As a result, if you only wear your watch on occasion, a quartz watch is the best option for you.

   A watch with an automatic movement, on the other hand, has its own appeal. An automatic watch will make you stand out when everything functions with a battery and by electronic circuitry. 

    Already made up your mind? We love to hear from you if the blog has been helpful in your decision on which watch movement you want to get your wrist on. You should try the quartz watches or our automatic watches available, or check out our full collection of watches here on our website. Time is gold! Wear one now!...


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